Level One Core Skills Bundle


36-weeks of engaging, curriculum-based exercises. All math and literacy core skills are covered with only one page per day!

Give your child rock-solid core skills in only one page per day!

If you believe in the power of child-led learning, and also believe that children need rock-solid core skills, then you and I are birds of a feather!

This is exactly why I created the Math and Literacy Core Skill Coursebooks. One page per day is all it takes to ensure all boxes are checked and deep, meaningful math and literacy core skills are covered.



Level One Coursebooks are for you if your child:

  • knows their letters and sounds
  • is beginning to blend three letter words (such as 'cat')
  • knows their numbers up to 10
  • understands what the numbers up to 10 represent

Not quite there yet? Check out Kindergarten at Home, which introduces your child to letters, numbers, and more through hands-on play and real-life experiences.



Level One Math takes you on a magical storybook adventure.

Written as a storybook, Level One Math is engaging, meaningful, and fun. Join Princess Nora, Prince Dylan, and Princess Clara as they explore all five of the math strands in the magical village of Wee Learning Kingdom.

The math curriculum covers the following core skills:

  • Algebra: Identify and describe patterns, and create and translate patterns, using a variety of shapes and objects.
  • Financial Literacy: Identify and add coins and bills up to $2.00 (a Canadian version and an American version is available).
  • Spatial Sense: Learn and sort 2D and 3D shapes by attributes, construct 3D shapes and identify the 2D objects found within them.
  • Data: Sort sets of data about people or things by an attribute, collect data, and organize data into tally tables.
  • Numbers: Read, represent, compose and decompose whole numbers up to 50 using a variety of techniques.


    Level One Literacy makes reading natural and easy.

    Every week, your child reads a short, simple story, practices reading comprehension, writing, and journal prompts. By using carefully planned out word families and sight words, reading becomes natural, easy, and magical.

    The literacy curriculum covers the following core skills:

    • Reading: Reading development and comprehension using word families, sight words, and comprehension questions. By the end of this coursebook, your child will have learned 36 word families and the first 100 sight words.
    • Writing: Writing development, phonetic spelling, and recall using extension questions and journal prompts.
    • Media Literacy: Building an awareness of the advertising world and how items are marketed to persuade people to take action.
    • And More! Including different types of poetry, recipes, fiction, and non-fiction writing pieces, comics, and a culminating final activity of writing and illustrating a story.


      The Core Skills Bundle is perfect for:

      • temporary homeschooling
      • home learning or unschooling
      • homeschooling longhaulers
      • summer learning
      • filling gaps in learning caused by a disruptive year