Educational Art Bundle No. 2


Note: Educational Art Bundles are available as a digital download only.

This bundle includes 24 Posters, A-Z Ocean-themed Alphabet Cards, ASL Alphabet Cards, 1-50 Number Cards, and a Daily Rhythm Pack, all delivered digitally as PDFs.

This art bundle is perfect for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to equip their young learners with educational and beautiful art. These thoughtfully designed posters will help provide an inspiring and encouraging atmosphere for your little one's learning.

You can print everything, or just a few posters at a time. You could print them as small prints, full-page prints, or even send them to your local print shop to have them print full-size posters.

Perfect for use in a homeschool, classroom, or as decoration in a kid's room or playroom!

What You Will Receive

The Educational Art Bundle is delivered to your inbox digitally as PDFs. You can choose to print any (or all!) of the cards and posters at home or send them to your local print shop. This bundle includes:

Learning Cards
  • 26 Insect-themed Alphabet Cards
  • 26 American Sign Language Alphabet Cards
  • 50 Number Cards
Educational Posters
  • The Color Wheel
  • 3D Shapes
  • Counting to 100
Ocean-themed Posters
  • Ocean Alphabet (2 color options)
  • Types of Shapes (2 color options)
  • Types of Whales (2 color options)
Owl-themed Posters
  • Life Cycle of an Owl(2 color options)
  • Anatomy of a Great Horned Owl (2 color options)
  • Types of Owls (2 color options)
  • Plus the Kindergarten at Home Cover Art
Let's Play Outside Posters
  • Let's Play Outside (2 color options)
  • Mountains (2 color options)
  • Trees (2 color options)
  • Binoculars (2 color options)
Daily Rhythm Pack
  • Rhythm Wheel
  • 40 Activity Cards
  • 16 Blank Activity Cards

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