Wee Readers Pack #1


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These word family early reading books are more than meets the eye!

First of all, these stories are part of the How Wee Learn Grade One Literacy Curriculum. If you are wanting a complete curriculum, which covers all of the core skills for Grade One Literacy, you can grab your complete curriculum right here: https://shop.howweelearn.com/products/grade-1-literacy-curriculum/

Second of all, these stories are written based on word families or themes, and also based on sight words. Wee Readers Pack #1 covers 18 word families and the 50 first sight words. Wee Readers Pack #2 covers 18 more word families or learning themes and the second 50 sight words. By the time you are done these two Wee Reader packs, your little reader will know 36 word families and the top 100 sight words—which make up about 50% of the words we read!

That’s right! By the time your little one can read these 36 little stories, they will be able to read about 50% of words that we typically read. Isn’t that remarkable?