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Morning Time with Littles


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Mornings become more than a routine; they are carousels of songs and smiles, seamlessly weaving learning into the rhythm of your day.

Songs teach, and thanks to Morning Time, you will too! Through simple songs and rhymes, your child will be learning the days of the week, months of the year, weather, seasons, and moon phases.

But the learning doesn’t stop there. Simple prompts and activities are included to give your child strong numeracy and literacy skills, all through playing with your calendar dashboard in the morning time.

Here’s How it Works

Each morning, you will sing through your calendar, adding the days, weeks, dates, months, weather, and more to your dashboard as you do. In addition, you can choose one or two of the activities to build specific academic skills!

The topics include:

  • The Days of the Week
  • The Months of the Year
  • The Seasons
  • The Weather
  • The Moon Phases

Here’s What’s Included

Songs for All Five Topics: Learning through song is incredibly effective with children. You will be amazed how quickly your child masters these topics!

Five Enrichments for Each Topic: Deep learning can happen very naturally. By counting the days of the month, applying patterns to the numbers on the calendar, and clapping syllables in the days of the week, your child will be learning every morning!

Morning Time Dashboard: The dashboard is the heart of Morning Time and where you will place all of your cards each morning.

Calendar: The calendar allows you to keep track of each month as it progresses, practicing all sorts of numeracy skills as you do.

Phases of the Moon Cards: Each day, you can check to see what phase the moon is in and place the card as it waxes and wanes!

‚ÄúI‚Äôm Looking Forward to‚ÄĚ Cards:¬†Get excited for birthdays, holidays, and vacations that are on the horizon by placing these special cards on your calendar. There are many open-ended options, making this resource accessible for all.

Types of Weather Cards: After singing your ‚ÄúWeather‚ÄĚ song, your little one will sort through these cards to determine¬†which weather card¬†is appropriate for the day.

The Four Seasons Cards: As the seasons change, your little one will change this card on your Morning Time Dashboard as well!

Rainbow Days of the Week, Month, and Year Cards: Loads of options for placing these cards on your calendar. You might choose to create a pattern: red, green, red, green for December, or create a rainbow in spring!

Get ready to have a very, very Good Morning! Start your day on the right foot with Morning Time.