20 Sparks to Ignite Child-Led Learning


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How do we get our little ones to dive into topics? To lead their own learning? To broaden their skills and interests?

Child-led learning is letting your child dive deep into topics of interest. It is seeing your child pour himself into projects that take up hours of his day. It is seeing her look through every picture book written about a topic. It is allowing your child to pursue topics that interest him and watching in awe as his learning happens so naturally, so deeply, and so beautifully all on its own.

We know that when a child is engaged in learning it is incredibly powerful, and when that initial engagement was child led it is even more deep and powerful, but how do we get there?

My friend, I bring you… 20 Sparks to Ignite Child-Led Learning.

This ebook is full of practical activities and ideas to present to your child that will help to spark their natural curiosity and get them excited about diving into learning.