Grade One Literacy Curriculum


One page a day is all it takes for a rock-solid foundation in literacy!

Grade One Literacy makes reading natural and easy.

You will read a short, simple story each week to practice reading comprehension. By using carefully planned out word families and sight words, reading becomes natural, easy, and magical. You will also explore poetry, journaling, and so much more.

The Grade One Literacy Curriculum covers the following core skills:

  • Reading: Reading development and comprehension using word families, sight words, and comprehension questions. By the end of this coursebook, your child will have learned 36 word families and the first 100 sight words.
  • Writing: Writing development, phonetic spelling, and recall using extension questions and journal prompts.
  • Media Literacy: Building an awareness of the advertising world and how items are marketed to persuade people to take action.
  • And More! Including different types of poetry, recipes, fiction, and non-fiction writing pieces, comics, and a culminating final activity of writing and illustrating a story.

It's All About Quality Over Quantity

Skip the struggles and spend your days doing what brings you joy, knowing you have your core literacy skills covered in one page a day.

Grade One Literacy is for children who:

  • know their letters and sounds
  • are beginning to blend three letter words (such as 'cat')

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