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"What does my preschooler really need to know?

It's time to stop wondering.

Confidently teach your 3 to 5-year-old and develop the four fundamental preschool skills in 20 minutes of play a day with a teacher-created curriculum.

The preschool years matter. A lot.

Did you know that 90% of a child's brain growth happens before age 6?

It's no wonder early experiences have a lasting impact on a child's learning, behavior, and health. No pressure, right!?

As a teacher and homeschooling mom, let me be the first to tell you:

It doesn't need to be hard.

Introducing: Play into Kindergarten Readiness

Where teaching your child is blissfully easy.

Explore the world through seven playful themes.

Playful Days consists of seven themes spanning four weeks each. Enjoy themes like All About Me, On the Farm, Nursery Rhymes, and more with one activity a day.

The seven themes included are:

  1. All About Me
  2. On the Farm
  3. Nursery Rhymes
  4. Calendars
  5. The Weather
  6. The Moon
  7. Transportation

Build a strong foundation through play.

In Play into Kindergarten Readiness, we cover the four fundamental preschool skills through play, setting your child up for success.

1. Literacy

Early introductions to literacy are crucial. Did you know that phonological awareness is the strongest predictor of early reading success?

We thoroughly cover the seven areas of phonological awareness with your little one before introducing letters and sounds in a very special order. Your child will be ready for reading success!

2. Numeracy

Numeracy is more than numbers. It's also sorting, building, comparing, measuring, patterning, exploring shapes...

The six areas of math readiness are critical, as all future math skills build on them. By understanding how numbers fit and work together, your child will have a strong foundation for later multiplication, division, fractions, and more.

3. Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Did you know crossing the midline aids in the development of fine motor skills like handwriting?

Crossing the midline strengthens the corpus callosum—a huge bundle of nerve fibers that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Development of the corpus callosum is essential for skills like reading, balance, processing speed, and problem-solving.

4. Social & Emotional Wellness

While academics and building healthy bodies are important, we need to support the healthy development of the whole child.

Positive self-confidence is at the heart of Play into Kindergarten Readiness. With thoughtfully created activities, your child will develop the skills to recognize that if they put their mind to something, they are capable of anything.

Your 20 minutes of play starts today!

Start your playful days today. Your materials will be emailed to you instantly as PDFs. You can choose to print your materials at home or send them to a local print shop.

You will receive:

  • Coursebook with 28 weeks of activities
  • 56 watercolour vocabulary cards
  • 26 sound cards
  • Beautiful printables to accompany and expand on the activities
  • All materials delivered to your inbox instantly in PDF format

Preschool is a magical time of learning and growing. You will be so amazingly glad you decided to take this journey with your child.