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Printable Letter & Word Family Dice Game


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What is more fun than a dice game? How about a SIGHT WORD dice game? How about a sight word dice game where you get to make your OWN DICE?!

I tell you, the fun and learning never ends here on How Wee Learn. This activity is actually part of our Grade Two Literacy Curriculum.

This printable includes nets of cubes. All you need to do is to print them off, fold them up, and add a smidge of glue to secure the flaps. Easy peasy.

How to Play the Sight Word Game

For each game, you will need two dice. Two of the nets in the printable have specific letters for the game outlined in the Grade Two Literacy Curriculum. Those dice are to help practice these three sight words: animal, America, world. On one die, you will see the letters a-n-l-m-i-d, and on the second you will see the letters e-r-c-w-o-?

To play the game:

  1. Each person chooses a sight word.
  2. Take turns rolling both dice. If a letter you need to spell your word has been rolled, write the letter down. Then it is the other person’s turn. Continue taking turns like this until one player’s word is spelled. That player is the winner.
  3. If a player rolls the star, they can reroll both dice.
  4. If you wish to play the game cooperatively, both players work as a team to take turns rolling the dice. The cooperative goal is to spell both sight words as a team.

How to Play the Word Family Game

One set of nets has the consonants from each group of letters, and another set has word families to go along with those letters. For example, one net has the letters s, t, p, and n and a second net has complimentary word endings for that grouping of letters: at, it, an, in, ip, and ap.

To play the game:

  1. Roll one die to get your beginning sound, then roll the second die to get your word family ending.
  2. Write the word down and decide if it is a real word or a nonsensical word.
  3. Keep rolling and sounding out words, seeing how many words you can roll.

Or make up your own game!

There are two blank nets so you can create your own game, add your own letters, or even pop on some numbers! Dice with numbers, who would have thought.