The Ultimate Quiet Time Bundle

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Learn exactly how to start Quiet Time in your home and what activities to use to make it a raving success!

Quiet Time is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

The secret to a peaceful home and happy kids.

  1. Learn How: I'll show you how to implement Quiet Time perfectly.
  2. Get Started: Get started with 77 of my best Quiet Bin ideas.
  3. Keep it Going: Keep it going with 120 more fresh ideas!


"I honestly didn't think a calm home was a possibility for me. Having three children under three is busy, but I am now in control - and happy."

Jennifer, Mom of 3 under 3



You can be the calm, happy, loving Mom you are in your heart. You will be!

My days at home with my kids were not always peaceful. In fact, they used to be downright chaotic. I was cranky and easily irritated. I wanted to be a fun and loving Mom but I was miserable.

  • I could not have a shower,
  • I could not talk on the phone,
  • I could not do anything for myself at all - and it was taking its toll.

I knew I needed a change, so I did a lot of research and found out what I was missing.

I found a way to LOVE being home with my kids.

By setting up a daily Quiet Time, I suddenly had the time to myself I so desperately needed. But, a WONDERFULLY unexpected and beautiful thing also happened: my kids were becoming calmer and happier!

It turns out Quiet Time is not only necessary for us, but for our children too.



This Quiet Time Bundle will be your sanity superhero!

Here's what you'll receive:

Step 1. Learn How with the Quiet Time Mastery Series

In less than an hour, you'll be set. You can do this! I'll show you how with a step-by-step guide, including:

  • Establishing a Blissful Rhythm
  • The Astonishing Benefits of Quiet Time
  • Implementing a Dream Quiet Time
  • The Best Quiet Time Activities
  • And 3 videos to help guide you!

Step 2. Get Started with my best-selling Quiet Time eBooks

These are the best activities to use so Quiet Time is a raving success! No fancy materials or elaborate setups. Everything is in the craft supplies or toy bin!
  • Dollarstore Quiet Bins: 30 Quiet Bins using 9 simple items
  • A Year of Educational Quiet Bins: 47 seasonally-based (and educational!) Quiet Bins

Step 3. Keep it Going with the Quiet Time Club

You're in the club! Get 120 new activity ideas over the year to keep your bins fresh and Quiet Time easy.
  • 10 NEW Quiet Bin ideas to keep your little ones happily engaged in quiet play for the whole month.
  • Learn how to use those same activities in different ways, saving time and keeping life simple.
  •  Plus helpful tips and reminders to ensure you get the absolute MOST out of this blissful time of day.


" is simple, easy to implement and it works. Quiet time is my favourite time of the day and allows me to really make the most of my time with my kids, as I get to have little breaks!"

Joya, Mom of twins