Valentine's Day Countdown Calendar


Countdown to February 14th with one fun and easy, 5-10 minute learning-filled activity each day.

No prep needed and you already have everything you need at home.

This year continues to be a tough one. Everyone needs something to look forward to – and these little ones of ours are actually quite simple little souls. Do you know what they would look forward to like crazy?

Getting to do one, easy, fun little Valentine’s Day activity with YOU each day.

So, I bring you my Valentine’s Day Activities Calendar! This one is nice and simple. Nothing fancy, and all of the activities use materials you already have at home and only take 5-10 minutes to complete.



Print off the pretty heart shaped activity calendar and pop it on the fridge or on your child’s bedroom door. Each day, read the simple Valentine’s Day activity and complete it together. The calendar begins on February 1st and ends on February 14th (Valentine’s Day!).

The ideas are learning-filled and loads of fun, such as:

“Walk around your home and gather 8 pink things”

“Measure someone you love using two hearts of the same size cut out of paper”

I have found with my own little ones, that a few moments of pure connection each day makes a WORLD of difference. I would suggest you really try to get the most out of this calendar. Pause for just these 5 minutes a day and focus on nothing but your little one and the activity you are engaging in together. When I ensure my little ones feel valued and important, I see big changes in their behaviour and overall contentment.

Along with this fun calendar, you also receive some fun activity pages! These ones are loads of fun to do together, or great for some special independent, quiet time activities.