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Play into Letters and Sounds


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Get ready to play into reading readiness!

Sarah guides you and your child through the seven areas of phonological awareness with playful games and quiet bin activities designed to give your child a strong foundation in reading readiness.

This playful book instills in children that reading is amazingly fun! It includes suggestions for 39 playful games and 26 quiet bin activities for children to consolidate learning all on their own.

A special bonus section outlines a simple, effective, and playful way of teaching children to read.



Here is the secret to strong readers...

Let's face the facts, reading is the single biggest academic skill for young children to master.

In fact, as a teacher, I can share with you that a child who can read is one that will succeed. But this is a huge skill for little ones to master! How can we, as parent's make it easier for our children?

By setting them up for success. How? It's surprisingly simple. By giving them this 7-step foundation - through PLAY!

Did you know that rhyming success in preschoolers is an excellent predictor of reading success in grade one?

Or that learning to segment and blend letter sounds is far more important for reading than learning letter names?

If you didn't, you are not alone. As a Kindergarten teacher, I want to give you the skills, activities, and playful games that will set your child up for a lifetime of success. Young children who are strong readers have been shown to have stronger self-esteem and higher self-confidence levels. Why? Because reading is such a focused on skill in early school years!

It is incredible how quickly a child will learn to read when the proper foundation is set.

Play into Letters and Sounds...

  • uses PLAY to give children the foundation for reading readiness (and beyond)
  • uses engaging and simple activities to show that reading is FUN
  • is a complete teach your child to read guide for parents.

If you are a Mom of a preschooler, Play into Reading Readiness will make you your child's superhero.