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I'm Sarah, the owner of How Wee Learn. I am a seasoned Teacher, Reading Specialist, and now Homeschooling Mom, and I share my passion for educating children right here! With the belief that learning should be full of curiosity, wonder, fun, and play, you will find resources that build your child's brain, heart, and love of learning. From my home to yours!

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I’ve printed and looked through Reptiles. I’m really excited to start this with my third grade son. I’m most impressed how simple but effective it will be! I’ve eyed and looked through so many reptile units like xxxxxx, etc. I feel so many science units are information overload and really over the heads of kids. Your unit gets to the point and is in a language kids will actually connect with! AND it’s not full of write a paragraph, write, write, write and more writing! 


I just wanted to let you know how much my kids are enjoying the core skills package, especially the math. We do it at what we call our circle time int he morning, and I call the math lessons the "story-activity" which has a more pleasant sound to my son than "math" (he doesn't love math!). They are enjoying it so much that we usually do at least two pages every morning. My son said tonight, "I LOVE the story-activity at circle time!" He's 6 and heading into grade two in the fall.


THANK YOU, Sarah. Your suggestions and materials were of great value and your kind and loving teaching style shone through every single idea that came from you.


I loved "Clever's New Trick" and so did everyone I bought it for!


All of the items in the quiet bins are easy to find and affordable. My daughter loves to explore her quiet bin. I keep a few in the back of the van at all times. You never know when it could be needed. She plays with the bins when we are waiting at her older brothers' activities like dance and baseball. 


When I think of the phrase, "They were having so much fun playing, they didn't even realize they were learning," I think of Sarah.


You make it feel like I can do so much at home with my child. You make it easy to be an amazing mom!


... I had no idea there were so many things to teach children to get them ready to read. I thought letter names and sounds were all there was to learn! I have learned SO MUCH with Sarah's book...


This book is everything literacy SHOULD be: hands on, engaging, play based, and fun! The ideas take you beyond letter recognition to work on the "What's next?" level of literacy learning that often stumps parents.

D. LeDrew

We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!