Play into Kindergarten Readiness 2021


Get rid of the guessing, random activities, and hours planning. Do ONE no-prep, step by step playful activity a day, and give your 2-4 year old EVERY SKILL needed to ROCK Kindergarten.

Play Into Kindergarten Readiness is organized in 7 monthly coursebooks with ONE activity per day. Or choose two activities per day if you want to move through the program faster!

The program includes:

  • 8 video sessions giving you the complete Kindergarten Readiness experience
  • 7 monthly coursebooks with one 20-minute activity per day
  • 6 recommended books for each monthly theme
  • Plus bonus activities and craft ideas to keep learning and making memories together

You want your little one to be strong, confident, and ready in every way. But how can you ensure she isn’t going to struggle?

As a parent, there is no one else in this world who can better prepare your child for school. Perhaps you just need a hand to hold. Perhaps a Kindergarten teacher's hand? Well, reach out Mama! I'm right here. Together we are going to get that brilliant child of yours sparkling and ready to shine. As a Kindergarten teacher, I want to EMPOWER you to teach your child.




If you are the parent of a 2-4 year old, this will be your learning and activities go-to guide!

Throughout the program, I will teach you how to give your child the strongest foundation in:

  • Literacy: Letters, letter sounds and pre-reading skills. Do you know what order to introduce the letters? Oh boy will you ever!
  • Numeracy: Numbers, counting and foundational math skills.
  • Experiences: Develop fine motor and gross motor skills, crossing the midline, and so, so many others!
  • Social Skills: Think you can't develop social skills at home? Think again! This section is a real eye opener.

Best of all, you won't believe how simple it is!

So many of these skills will be taught and practiced throughout your daily lives together. You won't believe all of the learning opportunities that are right under your nose!