Nature School: Connect, Learn, and Play Outside

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It's time to get back in nature.

Countless studies have shown how important it is to spend time in nature. It is essential for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

But for our children, those benefits run even deeper. Nature provides a captivating space for children to explore and learn. It ignites their creativity while fostering a sense of mindfulness. And through this outdoor play, so much learning takes place naturally.

Nature School is your outdoor learning companion. It provides activities centered around nature items to deepen your child's experience. It gives you simple ways to incorporate literacy, numeracy, fine motor development, sensory play, and crafting to your time outdoors. 

    Here's how it works:

    Nature School walks you through 7 themes that use everyday outdoor materials. The themes include:

    1. Rocks
    2. Sticks
    3. Leaves
    4. Flowers
    5. Dirt and Sand
    6. Water
    7. Shells

    As you go through each theme, we help learning unfold naturally by exposing your child to activities that focus on specific areas of development:

    • Literacy: The first activity for each nature item focuses on literacy development. Of course, being outside in and of itself is fabulous for a child’s literacy development; children are being exposed to new vocabulary constantly! In Nature School, the activities primarily focus on learning letters.

    • Numeracy: The second activity for each nature item focuses on developing numeracy skills. Here, we practice counting, patterning, sorting, and even using tally marks!

    • Fine Motor Development: The third activity for each nature item focuses on developing children’s fine motor skills, hand strength, pincer grip, and hand dexterity. These skills are critical for later writing.

    • Sensory Experiences: Sensory experiences happen naturally while playing outside! The fourth activity for each nature item focuses on giving our children deep sensory play and experiences with a wide variety of natural elements. Sensory play is very calming for children and is also a fabulous way to build language.

    • Crafting: The fifth activity for each nature item is a craft. These are crafting experiences you can do right alongside your child! It is so much fun to create together and a wonderful way to build memories that last. Many of these crafts turn out beautifully, and you will be able to display them in your home.

    Here's what's included:

    • Seven Monthly Themes: Monthly themes help your child to really engage in their nature learning. You will explore rocks, sticks, leaves, flowers, dirt and sand, water, and shells.

    • 35 Hands-On Activities: Each theme includes five activities that cover literacy, numeracy, fine motor development, sensory experiences, and crafting.

    • Beautiful Printables: Extend and beautify your play and learning! 12 pages of printables, including letter cards, number cards, and tally cards.

    • Suggested Books: A suggested list of 10 beautiful, nature-themed books is also included. These stories are wonderful to enjoy together outside or as a calming bedtime story. 

    Enrich your child's learning through outdoor exploration.

    Number of Pages (Coursebook) 22
    Number of Pages (Printables) 12
    Number of Activities 35
    Recommended Age Range 3 to 5 Years
    Program Length 7 Months
    Available Formats Digital PDF, Hardcopy*
    Bundle and Save Available as part of The Everything Preschool Bundle

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