Family Unit Study: Reptiles


Engaging hands-on activities and real-life experiences allow children at different stages to explore and learn together.

The Reptiles Unit Study is broken down into ten topics with manageable, bite-sized amounts of information:

  • Topic 1: What is a Reptile?
  • Topic 2: ​Cold-Blooded
  • Topic 3: ​Scales or Scutes
  • Topic 4: ​Lay Eggs
  • ​Topic 5: Lungs and Vertebrates
  • ​Topic 6: Turtles
  • ​Topic 7: Lizards
  • Topic 8: ​Snakes
  • Topic 9: ​Crocodiles
  • ​Topic 10: Tuatara


I’ve printed and looked through Reptiles. I’m really excited to start this with my third grade son. I’m most impressed how simple but effective it will be! I’ve eyed and looked through so many reptile units like xxxxxx, etc. I feel so many science units are information overload and really over the heads of kids. Your unit gets to the point and is in a language kids will actually connect with! AND it’s not full of write a paragraph, write, write, write and more writing!"


    Each of the 10 topics includes:

    Hands On Activity for Deep Learning

    • Engaging activities target specific skills, such as science, art, social studies, geography, cooperation, critical thinking, early engineering, and creativity.

    Math or Literacy Enrichment to Extend Learning

    • Each topic includes a word-based math problem or a literacy activity modified to three levels so they are fitting for the whole family.

    Curated YouTube Video for Fun Learning with Experts

    • Carefully curated YouTube videos allow your child to visually immerse themselves in the unit's topic.

    Book Suggestion for a Literacy-Rich Environment

    • Read together or encourage independent exploration with these library book suggestions that naturally ignite learning.

    Interesting Fact to Spark Curiosity

    • A great deal of learning will happen all on its own when children are interested in what they are learning about.

    Discussion Question to Start a Conversation

    • Allow yourself to go wherever the conversation goes! Children can learn so much from having discussions and conversations.

    What's Happening to Learn the Science

    • Learn more about the science behind the hands-on activity with this helpful information.

    Plus Extras! Tips and Printables

    • Each Family Unit Study includes an introduction with tips, as well as printables to extend learning.


    Navigating various ages and multiple curricula can make homeschooling a challenge.

    • How can I get rid of these power struggles over school work?
      What do I do with younger siblings as I work with my older children?
    • How do I find time to do fun, engaging, hands-on projects in the midst of the daily school work?
    • How do I find projects that are great for kids of ALL ages?
    • How can we spend our days together, growing and learning as a family?

    Family Unit Studies make it easy!

    • Reignite a love of learning by bringing the fun and togetherness back to your homeschool
    • Each activity will deepen the learning of ALL children, ages 4 to 12.
    • Each unit study includes absolutely everything you need, step-by-step, and with almost no prep.
    • Spend your time growing and learning TOGETHER instead of over planning, prepping, and power struggles.