How Wee Read

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From Rhyming to Reading in 60 Simple Lessons

Let's take the mystery out of learning to read.

Teaching a child to read can be broken down into four steps:


Step One: Phonological Awareness

First, we teach phonological awareness.

In Lessons 1 to 7, we teach your child phonological awareness skills, starting with rhyming. Simply open your coursebook, read the activity, and play!

A detailed description of each skill is included, along with an activity to practice that skill.

Once your child has mastered all seven phonological awareness skills, they are ready for the next step.


Step Two: Letters, Sounds, and Blending

Next, we teach letter sounds and blending.

In Lessons 8 to 19, we teach the letters in a very special order. Your child will learn and play with each letter group before moving onto the next.

In Lesson 8, your child learns the names and sounds for the first group of letters: s, a, t, i, p, and n. In Lesson 9, your child practices blending those sounds together. Already, your child will be reading words like sat, nap, tin, and pan!

Once your child has learned all of the letter names and sounds, and has practiced blending those sounds together, they are ready for the next step.


Step Three: Special Rules

Then we introduce special rules and exceptions.

English has a lot of rules—and a lot of exceptions to those rules! In Lessons 20 to 24, we will cover the most common ones.

Your child will learn about 'sneaky letters,' digraphs, blends, vowels, and the Magic Letter E.

After completing these five lessons, your child will be ready for the last step!


Step Four: Familiar Readers

And finally, we read!

It's time to take all of the knowledge your child has learned so far, and apply it to Familiar Readers.

Your child will practice word families they learned in Step Two, and will learn some brand new sight words. In fact, by the time your child has completed all 36 Familiar Readers, they will know the first 100 sight words!


As a teacher and reading specialist, I know how to teach little ones to read—and you will too.

Number of Pages (Coursebook) 69
Number of Pages (Printables) 58
Recommended Age Range 4 to 10 Years
Program Length 60 Lessons
Available Formats Digital PDF, Hardcopy*

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