How Wee Write

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How Wee Write is your learn-to-write workbook that perfectly complements How Wee Read!

For each lesson in How Wee Read, you will find a corresponding lesson in How Wee Write. From squiggles to sentences, you will teach your child how to write in 60 simple lessons.

Part One: Pre-Writing (7 Lessons)

These seven activities get little hands ready to begin forming letters and words. By working on a variety of form drawings, little ones begin to understand the flow of writing and the idea of mark-making.

Part Two: Letters, Sounds, and Blending (12 Lessons)

In this section, we begin letter formation! We follow the same very special order for teaching letters as we do in How Wee Read:

  1. s, a, t, i, p, n
  2. c, k, e, h, r
  3. m, d, g, o
  4. l, f, b, q, u
  5. j, z, w
  6. v, y, x

For the second lesson, we transition your child from writing individual letters to writing word family words. The first group of letters your child will learn is s, a, t, i, p, and n. So in the second lesson for that group of letters, they will be practicing word family words that can be made with those letters, such as sat, pat, tin, and pin. Encourage your child to write a few words at a time, building up his or her hand strength bit by bit.

Part Three: Special Rules (5 Lessons)

In this section, we introduce some rules, exceptions, and things that can be tricky when writing. We will focus on letters that appear similar and give an opportunity for children to learn letters with visuals, hoping to minimize reversals. We also introduce the long sound vowels can make. We do this by introducing the “Magic Letter E.”

Part Four: Familiar Readers (36 Lessons)

Finally, we progress to writing simple sentences. These sentences have been carefully selected to focus on the word families and sight words your child is learning in How Wee Read.

Let's teach your child to write!