Grade Two Literacy Curriculum


Grade 2 Literacy makes reading natural and easy.

Every week, your child reads a whimsical story following Boris and his barnyard friends in their adventures, and practices reading comprehension, writing, journaling, and more. By using carefully planned sight words, reading becomes natural, easy, and magical.

The Grade 2 Literacy Curriculum covers the following core skills:

  • Reading: Reading development and comprehension using word families, sight words, phonemic awareness, and comprehension questions.
  • Writing: Writing development, spelling, recall, inferences, connections, and predictions using extension questions and journal prompts.
  • Media Literacy: Building an awareness of the advertising world and how items are marketed to persuade people to take action.
  • And More! Including poetry, parts of speech, the writing process, personal recounts, reader's theatre, crosswords, word searches, and so much more!