Kindergarten at Home


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A brilliant foundation for 4-6 year olds in academics, critical thinking, problem-solving and emotional wellness in as little as 3 hours a week!

As homeschooling Mama and former Kindergarten teacher, I know what it takes for a little one to thrive in Kindergarten. I want to empower you to teach your child and help them shine.

Do the whole curriculum and have gentle, learning-filled days.

Or, do just the core skills in only 3 hours a week, ensuring there are no gaps in this essential foundation.



Everything you need for a brilliant foundation.

Throughout the 36-week course, I will teach you how to grow your child's skills in academics, critical thinking, problem-solving, and emotional wellness.

Whether you're choosing to homeschool for the long run or the short term, this curriculum will be a lifesaver!


A Unique Approach to Literacy

When we introduce your child to letters, we do it in a very special order. It is fundamentally important to teach children in this way, as it sets them up perfectly for reading success.

Beginning reading skills naturally flow from this approach and are also covered in the Kindergarten at Home curriculum.

Introducing the letters this way and letting your little one begin to make words almost right away creates a huge sense of pride for both you and your child.



What else makes Kindergarten at Home different?

No Worksheets!

The curriculum is filled with engaging, play-based activities. That's right, no more worksheets! Purposeful play allows your little one to use her imagination, build her vocabulary and further her learning with open-ended questions and exploration.

3 Mornings a Week

Each week, you will have three mornings with planned activities. These are the core skills. The rest of the week is comprised of deep learning and quality time with your child making art, cooking together, exploring books and singing songs (plus some quiet, independent play to give Mama a rest!).

A Teacher's Support

Who better to guide you on your Kindergarten homeschooling journey than a full-time homeschooling mom, Reading Specialist and former Kindergarten teacher? You're not alone, together we will give your child a brilliant foundation.

Best of all, you will not believe how simple and easy it is!

Kindergarten at Home uses hands-on play and real-life experiences to cover all core skills. Plus, the activities are purposefully designed to use common materials you already have at home, saving you time and money.


What You Get Inside Kindergarten at Home

18 themed sessions covering all core skills over 36 weeks, including:

  • a complete literacy curriculum
  • a complete math curriculum
  • health, nature, and outdoor activities
  • critical thinking, problem-solving, and STEM activities
  • stories, songs, and poems
  • art projects
  • cooking projects
  • quiet time activities

All planned out for you, day-by-day. You'll also have a supply list of common household materials to help you prep, book recommendations for each theme, and more bonus materials!