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Little Woodland Artists


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This resource is perfect for children who are just learning to draw. So make a pot of tea, get comfy, and get ready to create some beautiful nature drawings with your little one.

This is a beginner’s guide to learning to draw simple nature items. No prior skills are needed. Sometimes young artists like to have a few known skills up their sleeves to boost confidence before feeling comfortable doodling and drawing. This resource will teach children how to draw 10 simple woodland-themed animals, plants, and other items.

Little Woodland Artists is set up to be super simple to use, just like all of the resources you will find on How Wee Learn! First, your child will be taught to draw a simple picture using step-by-step photos. Your child can simply draw what is seen in step one, and then add what is new in step two, and so on.

Once your child has completed the learn-to-draw, there is a creative art extension as well! Your child can use her new skills and turn her picture into a complete art project. Everything is step-by-step with beautiful photos to help you along as well.

The 10 Tutorials and Art Projects include:

  • Wildflower Fingerprint Art
  • Watercolor Pine Needles
  • Sensory Owl
  • Pop Art Toadstool
  • Mixed-Media Pumpkin
  • Snail Shell Patterning
  • Color-Mixing Sunflower
  • Honeycomb Bee Hive
  • Symmetrical Antlers
  • Sweet Dreaming Fox

Number of Pages (Coursebook) 26
Program Length
10 Tutorials and Art Projects
Recommended Age Range 4 to 8 Years
Available Formats Digital PDF, Hardcopy*
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*Note: Printed & Shipped orders include a Free Digital Copy and Free Shipping to Canada and the US.