Family Unit Study: Edible Science


Engaging hands-on activities and real-life experiences allow children at different stages to explore and learn together.

The Edible Science Unit Study is broken down into ten topics with manageable, bite-sized (no pun intended!) amounts of information:

  • Topic 1: What is Matter?
  • ​Topic 2: Popsicles
  • ​Topic 3: Chocolate
  • ​Topic 4: Maple Syrup
  • ​Topic 5: Popcorn
  • ​Topic 6: Density
  • ​Topic 7: Butter
  • ​Topic 8: Ice Cream
  • Topic 9: ​Solutions & Solubility
  • Topic 10: Rock Candy

    Each of the 10 topics includes:

    Hands-On Activity for Deep Learning

    • Engaging activities target specific skills, such as science, art, social studies, geography, cooperation, critical thinking, early engineering, and creativity.

    Math or Literacy Enrichment to Extend Learning

    • Each topic includes a word-based math problem or a literacy activity modified to three levels so they are fitting for the whole family.

    Curated YouTube Video for Fun Learning with Experts

    • Carefully curated YouTube videos allow your child to visually immerse themselves in the unit's topic.

    Book Suggestion for a Literacy-Rich Environment

    • Read together or encourage independent exploration with these library book suggestions that naturally ignite learning.

    Interesting Fact to Spark Curiosity

    • A great deal of learning will happen all on its own when children are interested in what they are learning about.

    Discussion Question to Start a Conversation

    • Allow yourself to go wherever the conversation goes! Children can learn so much from having discussions and conversations.

    What's Happening to Learn the Science

    • Learn more about the science behind the hands-on activity with this helpful information.

    Plus Extras! Tips and Printables

    • Each Family Unit Study includes an introduction with tips, as well as printables to extend learning.


    Navigating various ages and multiple curricula can make homeschooling a challenge.

    • How can I get rid of these power struggles over school work?
      What do I do with younger siblings as I work with my older children?
    • How do I find time to do fun, engaging, hands-on projects in the midst of the daily school work?
    • How do I find projects that are great for kids of ALL ages?
    • How can we spend our days together, growing and learning as a family?

    Family Unit Studies make it easy!

    • Reignite a love of learning by bringing the fun and togetherness back to your homeschool
    • Each activity will deepen the learning of ALL children, ages 5 to 12+.
    • Each unit study includes absolutely everything you need, step-by-step, and with almost no prep.
    • Spend your time growing and learning TOGETHER instead of over planning, prepping, and power struggles.