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Grade Two Complete Bundle

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This bundle includes everything you need for a complete year of learning!

The Grade Two Curriculum Bundle includes:
  1. Grade Two Literacy Curriculum
  2. Grade Two Math Curriculum
  3. Family Unit Study Mega Bundle

Grade Two Literacy makes reading natural and easy.

Every week, your child reads a whimsical story following Boris and his barnyard friends in their adventures, and practices reading comprehension, writing, journaling, and more. By using carefully planned sight words, reading becomes natural, easy, and magical.

The Grade Two Literacy Curriculum covers the following core skills:

  • Reading: Reading development and comprehension using word families, sight words, phonemic awareness, and comprehension questions.
  • Writing: Writing development, spelling, making connections and predictions, personal accounts, parts of speech, and types of sentences using extension questions and journal prompts.
  • Media Literacy: Building an awareness of the advertising world and how items are marketed to persuade people to take action.
  • And More! Including Reader's Theatre, crosswords and word searches, poetry, procedural writing, descriptive writing, and a culminating final activity of retelling the curriculum's story.

Grade Two Math takes you on a magical storybook adventure.

Written as a storybook, Grade Two Math is engaging, meaningful, and fun. Join Harper, her family, and their animals as they explore all five of the math strands.

The Grade Two Math Curriculum covers the following core skills:

  • Algebra: Identify and describe patterns, create and translate patterns including letters, pictures, and numbers.
  • Financial Literacy: Add and subtract various combinations of coins and bills.
  • Spatial Sense: Compare 2D and 3D shapes by side length, angle, and other attributes. Construct and deconstruct 3D shapes and identify the 2D objects found within them. Make 2D and 3D shapes that have matching halves.
  • Data: Sort sets of data about people or things by two attributes and describe the rules used for sorting. Collect data through various methods that focus on two pieces of information and record this information, organizing it into tally tables and Venn Diagrams.
  • Numbers: Read and represent whole numbers up to 200 and describe various ways they are used in everyday life. Compose (build) and decompose (break apart) numbers up to 200 using various techniques. Compare and order whole numbers up to 200.

Dive into 15 fascinating unit studies with hands-on activities and real-life experiences.

The Family Unit Study Mega Bundle includes all of the unit studies from the Animal Enthusiasts Bundle, Earth & Sky Exporers Bundle, AND the Creative Scientists Bundle. That's 15 Family Unit Studies—150 hands-on activities, interesting facts, discussion questions, enrichment questions, and more!

Animal Enthusiasts Bundle:

  • Mammals Family Unit Study
  • Reptiles   Family Unit Study
  • The Ocean   Family Unit Study
  • Exploring Rainforests   Family Unit Study
  • Dinosaurs   Family Unit Study

Earth & Sky Explorers Bundle:

  • The Seven Continents   Family Unit Study
  • Rocks and Gems   Family Unit Study
  • Seeds and Plants   Family Unit Study
  • Weather   Family Unit Study
  • Stars and Constellations   Family Unit Study

Creative Scientists Bundle:

  • Edible Science   Family Unit Study
  • Exploring Color   Family Unit Study
  • The Human Body   Family Unit Study
  • Flight   Family Unit Study
  • The Solar System   Family Unit Study

What is a Unit Study?

Each of our Family Unit Studies explores ten topics through integrated learning. For example, in the Seeds and Plants Family Unit Study, you will explore:

  • Topic 1: Four Types of Plants
  • ​Topic 2: Parts of a Seed
  • ​Topic 3: The Plant Life Cycle
  • ​Topic 4: Parts of a Plant
  • ​Topic 5: Photosynthesis
  • ​Topic 6: Pollination
  • ​Topic 7: Spreading Seeds
  • ​Topic 8: Plant Adaptations
  • ​Topic 9: Why Do We Need Plants?
  • ​Topic 10: Get Growing!

We start each topic by igniting curiosity...

Interesting Fact to Spark Curiosity

  • A great deal of learning will happen all on its own when children are interested in what they are learning about.

Discussion Question to Start a Dialogue

  • Allow yourself to go wherever the conversation goes! Children can learn so much from having discussions and conversations.

Curated YouTube Video with Experts in the Field

  • Carefully curated YouTube videos allow your child to visually immerse themselves in the unit's topic.

Book Suggestion for a Literacy-Rich Environment

  • Read together or encourage independent exploration with these library book suggestions that naturally ignite learning.

...then engage and expand with hands-on learning.

Hands-On Activity for Deep Learning

  • Engaging activities target specific skills, such as science, art, social studies, geography, cooperation, critical thinking, early engineering, and creativity.

What's Happening to Extend Learning

  • Learn more about the science behind the hands-on activity with this helpful information.

Math or Literacy Enrichment for an Extra Challenge

  • Each topic includes a word-based math problem or a literacy activity modified to three levels so they are fitting for the whole family.

Tips & Printables for Easy, Beautiful Learning

  • Each Family Unit Study includes an introduction with tips, as well as printables to beautify and extend learning.


Reignite a love of learning in your homeschool.


I’m a second year homeschooling mom, first time creating a curriculum on my own. We are LOVING the family units. We are using them for our 1st, 4th, and 6th graders, and our 4 year old is tagging along. They are just so well put together: they’re  engaging, fun, and long enough to gain great information but short enough to keep interest at all levels.

I love the differentiation for the different grade levels of our kids, too. It’s empowering to see them recognize they all might be learning the same material, but they have different levels of understanding to go along with the knowledge.

—Jill A.

The Grade Two Complete Bundle is for children who:

  • can read three letter words (such as 'cat') fluently and with ease
  • recognize multiple sight words (such as 'the' or 'and')
  • understand concretely how to make 10 (such as '1 and 9,' '2 and 8,' etc.)
  • can count to 25 or higher

Not quite there yet? Check out the Grade One Complete Bundle, which is perfect for children who know their letters and sounds, are beginning to blend three letter words (such as 'cat'), know their numbers up to 10, and understand what the numbers up to 10 represent.

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