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The Quiet Time Club - Preschool Edition


Quiet Time is a lovely addition to the rhythm of your day. Having a daily period of independent quiet play is very healthy for children and allows them to rest and consolidate all of that learning that has happened throughout their morning.

It is also a lovely addition to Mama’s rhythm. When we have time on our own to rest and fill our own cup, we can recharge for an afternoon full of connection, fun, and patience!

The Preschool Quiet Time Club is divided into seven months (28 weeks) of activities, pairing perfectly with my preschool curriculum, Play into Kindergarten Readiness. Within each month, you receive:

✓ A list of the five materials that will be used for that month's activities
✓ An undated calendar with links to your daily Quiet Time activities
✓ A coursebook with a photo and simple instructions for each activity
✓ A detailed description of one of the 6 Golden Rules to help you and your child get the most from this calming time of day


Number of Pages (Coursebook): 54
Number of Pages (Printables): 21
Recommended Ages: 3 to 5 Years
Program Length: 28 Weeks / 7 Months

Bundle and Save! This resource is also available as part of The Everything Preschool Bundle and The Toddler and Preschool Quiet Time Bundle.


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A calm and happy household is possible.

Discover the difference a daily Quiet Time can make.

Rest and Recharge
Promote Mindfulness
Enhance Creativity
Build Independence

What is Quiet Time?

Quiet Time is a time of quiet for our children—and us—to rest and recharge.

We might recognize that our brain and body needs a break, but self-regulation is often a challenge for children.

By providing our children an opportunity for calming, independent play, we can help ward off the overstimulation that often results in tantrums and meltdowns

A must for our children's mental health.

Quiet Time is beneficial to our mental health, but it is crucial for our children.

A daily Quiet Time allows our children to:

  • ✓ enjoy a daily period of quiet reflection
  • ✓ consolidate learning from throughout the day
  • ✓ work through and reflect on issues or conflicts
  • ✓ build fine motor, academic, and problem-solving skills
  • ✓ practice problem solving and independence

What's Included with The Quiet Time Club

Seven months of Daily Quiet Time Activities plus everything you need to make Quiet Time a success. No stress. No mess.

Your calm and happy home starts with Quiet Time.

Here's what other parents and caregivers have to say:

Quiet time is my favorite time of the day and allows me to really make the most of my time with my kids, as I get to have little breaks!

Joya, Mom of twins

I honestly didn't think a calm home was a possibility for me. Having three children under three is busy, but I am now in control—and happy.

Jennifer, Mom of 3 under 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a membership?

No. Once upon a time, The Quiet Time Club was set up as a monthly membership, but not anymore. Now, for a one time payment, you receive access to the entire seven month package! There are two versions available—Toddler Edition and Preschool Edition—for a total of 14 months of Quiet Time activities available for purchase.

What's the difference between the Toddler and Preschool Editions?

The Toddler and Preschool Editions are very similar. The Toddler Edition was made to complement the Playful Days Toddler Program, and the Preschool edition was made to complement Play into Kindergarten Readiness. The editions each have different activities and include different printables—the Toddler Edition includes the Animal Friends and Playdough Mats, where the Preschool Edition includes the Alphabet Cards and Paper Dollhouse.

How do I begin a daily Quiet Time with my child?

Included with The Quiet Time Club is my Quiet Time Mastery resource which walks you through exactly how to establish a daily Quiet Time with your child. It starts right from the very beginning and shares with you the details of how to make Quiet Time work in a step-by-step way. Also included are The Six Golden Rules for ensuring Quiet Time is a success.

My child still naps. Should I still do Quiet Time?

Yes! A daily Quiet Time is an opportunity for children to play independently and consolidate all of their learning that has been happening throughout the day. This is a nurturing period of time for every child.

Can I use one version for multiple children?

Yes! I recommend setting children up in separate rooms, or at least separate spaces of the same room. The activities are easily doubled (or tripled!) so each child can have their own Quiet Time set-up.

What are your qualifications?

I am a Certified Teacher and Reading Specialist with 20+ years of teaching experience. Currently, I am a homeschool mama to my four children. I also support parents, caregivers, and fellow teachers in their journeys with little ones through my blog, homeschool resources, and curriculum. Through decades of teaching young children (including my own!), I have refined the best activities to build strong foundations.

When will I receive my order?

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Can I see a sample?

Absolutely! There is a sample linked at the top of this page directly under the description.

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