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Play and Learn 12 Month Calendar


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A year of 5-minute activities designed to give your little one a brilliant foundation in literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, social skill development, and more through PLAY!

Included with the Play + Learn 12-Month Challenge

12-month calendar with daily activities, including:

  • 60 literacy activities
  • 60 phonological awareness activities
  • 96 math activities
  • 72 movement activities
  • 24 social skill development activities
  • 48 creative thinking & STEM challenges

PLUS the monthly calendar dates are blank, so you can fill them out to start at any time!



Get your little one ready to SOAR!

The Learn + Play Challenge includes 360 simple activities that cover core learning areas, including:

  • NAME LETTERS: When preschoolers begin to learn letters, it is important to start with their name. Through fun and play, your little one will learn her name letters!
  • LETTERS + SOUNDS: Preschoolers will have fun practicing their letters and sounds with these simple challenges!
  • VOCABULARY: Extend your little one's language development by learning new words together each month.
  • PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS: We will play with rhyming, beginning letter sounds, sound segmenting, word counting and syllables, all-important pre-reading skills for preschoolers.
  • MATH SKILLS: Counting, recognizing numbers and patterning are all preschool math skills that help to prepare little ones for big math down the road.
  • WORD PROBLEMS: Bring math into your real life with these word problems that help preschoolers figure out which math is needed to solve the problem.
  • CRITICAL THINKING: If you don't have the tools for the job, you don't give up - you get creative! Build creative, out-of-the-box thinking skills with these monthly challenges.
  • STEM CHALLENGES: What floats or sinks? What do colours mix to make? Can you build amazing things? These STEM challenges bring out big thinking.
  • CROSSING THE MIDLINE: Develop a part of the brain that is responsible for later reading and writing with some simple crossing the midline activities.
  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Strengthen little hands, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity with no-prep, fun, fine motor activities each month.
  • GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: Get moving with some big, whole-body movements that practice body awareness, balance, coordination, and strength.
  • SOCIAL SKILLS: Help your little one build her character by chatting about typical preschool struggles in a neat, empathy-building format.