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Summer Camp at Home: Little Kid Edition

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Your 6-week summer nature program! Weekly themes guide you through the summer with daily stories and playful, hands-on activities.

As you tuck your child into bed each night, you read a short story together. These whimsical stories also teach your little one about animal life cycles, anatomy, constellations, and more. The next day, you enjoy a play-based activity that relates to the story. Build beautiful memories as you learn about butterflies, bees, stars and constellations, flowers, frogs, and birds this summer!

Big Kid Edition and Bundle Deal also available!

Summer Camp at Home consists of six themes spanning one week each. Your coursebook includes the five-part story for each theme, daily hands-on activities, and beautiful printables to extend the play and learning. You will explore:

🦋 Butterflies
🐝 Honey Bees
✨ Stars and Constellations
🌻 Flowers
🐸 Frogs
🐦 Birds


Number of Pages (Coursebook): 66
Number of Pages (Printables): 29
Recommended Ages: 2 to 6 Years
Program Length: 6 Weeks

Bundle and Save! This resource is also available as part of the Summer Camp at Home Little Kid & Big Kid Bundle.


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The secret to a magical and learning-filled summer.

Our children deserve a summer full of beautiful memories.

And we deserve an easy and relaxing summer.

Both are possible with Summer Camp at Home!

  • ✓ Teacher-created hands-on activities
  • ✓ Every day materials with almost no prep
  • ✓ Everything is planned for you day-by-day

It's easy! Six weekly themes guide you through the summer with daily stories and hands-on activities.

Each week, you immerse yourself in a nature theme.

  • 🦋 Week 1: Butterflies
  • 🐝 Week 2: Honey Bees
  • ✨ Week 3: Stars & Constellations
  • 🌻 Week 4: Flowers
  • 🐸 Week 5: Frogs
  • 🐦 Week 6: Birds

As you tuck your child into bed each night, you read a short story together.

These whimsical stories also teach your little one about animal life cycles, anatomy, constellations, and more.

The next day, you enjoy a simple, hands-on activity that relates to the story.

The activities are play-based with minimal prep, helping to solidify the learning from the short story.

If you are a parent of a 2-6 year old, this summer will be enchanting.

Here's what's included with Summer Camp at Home:

6 Whimsical Short Stories
Each theme includes a whimsical—and factual!—five-part short story to enjoy together at bedtime.
30 Hands-On Activities
Each theme includes five hands-on activities that relate to the story. Many activities also include optional extensions to further learning.
Beautiful Printables
Extend and beautify your play and learning! Your printables include life cycles, diagrams, puzzles, activity pages, vocabulary cards, and more.
Books, Snack Ideas, and More
Each theme includes extra book suggestions, a song or poem, a snack idea, and a game for when your little one can't get enough!

Take a sneak peek at the butterfly theme!

This week, you read all about Monica the Monarch Butterfly. You follow her journey from caterpillar to butterfly, and as you do, you learn all about the butterfly life cycle, symmetry, butterfly anatomy, and even migration!

5-Part Story Featuring Monica the Monarch Butterfly
Monday: Counting and Patterning Caterpillar Craft
Tuesday: A Butterfly Art Project
Wednesday: Butterfly Anatomy with Loose Parts
Thursday: Silly Straw Fruit Cocktail Activity
Friday: Symmetrical Letter Hunt
Plus three recommended books and a butterfly-themed song, snack idea, and a game to enjoy!

It's easy to create a magical and learning-filled summer. ✨

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is required daily?

One 20-minute hands-on activity or craft each day, as well as a 5-minute bedtime story. Additional book recommendations, snack ideas, songs, poems, and games are included should you wish to do more.

Do I have to do it all?

Not at all! You can pick and choose the activities and themes that work best for your family.

What are your qualifications?

I am a Certified Teacher and Reading Specialist with 20+ years of teaching experience. Currently, I am a homeschool mama to my four children. I also support parents, caregivers, and fellow teachers in their journeys with little ones through my blog, homeschool resources, and curriculum. Through decades of teaching young children (including my own!), I have refined the best activities to build strong foundations.

When will I receive my order?

Instantly! After purchase, you will be sent an email with a link to download Summer Camp at Home. You will be able to view your materials on your computer, tablet, or phone. You can also print a hard copy at home or at your local print shop. Printed and shipped orders are delivered via Priority Post and generally take 3-6 days to arrive.

Can I see a sample?

Absolutely! There is a sample linked at the top of this page directly under the description.

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