The Quiet Time Club - 1 Year Membership

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A calm and happy household is possible. Join the Quiet Time Club!

Receive your first Quiet Time Club package delivered to your inbox immediately!

Then on the 25th of each month, you will receive a Quiet Time Club package with:

  • A dated calendar with your daily Quiet Time activities for the upcoming month
  • A list of the 5 craft or household materials required for the activities
  • Full colour photos and instructions, as well as printer-friendly activity cards
  • Simple, minimal prep activities designed to promote a calm and happy child

Plus, for a limited time only, take advantage of special sale pricing AND receive a collection of bonus Quiet Time resources!


"I honestly didn't think a calm home was a possibility for me. Having three children under three is busy, but I am now in control - and happy."

—Jennifer, Mom of 3 under 3


You want a calm and happy household. You also want (and deserve) time to yourself. But is that even possible with little ones at home?

My kids are busy, and things at home used to be downright hard for me too. I couldn't have a shower, talk on the phone, or do anything for myself—and it was taking its toll.

My children were having tantrums and meltdowns, and I was cranky and easily irritated.

Then, I discovered the magic of Quiet Time and I suddenly had the time to myself I so desperately needed.

And the best part? My children were becoming calmer and happier!

You can go from chaotic to calm, too. Transform your home with Quiet Time.

During Quiet Time, your child plays independently while YOU enjoy an hour to recharge, unwind and relax. Tackle a to-do list, make an important phone call, get work done, or have a nap.

While Quiet Time is beneficial to our mental health as grown-ups, it is crucial for our children's development. Daily Quiet Time allows our children to:

  • enjoy a daily period of quiet reflection
  • consolidate learning from throughout the day
  • work through and reflect on issues or conflicts
  • build fine motor, academic, and problem-solving skills
  • practice problem solving and independence

"Quiet time is my favourite time of the day and allows me to really make the most of my time with my kids, as I get to have little breaks!"

—Joya, Mom of twins


Get daily Quiet Time planned for you. No stress. No mess.

✔️ Each month, you will receive your Quiet Time Club package delivered to your inbox with daily quiet time activities.

✔️ The activities use ONLY 5 everyday crafting materials—like popsicle sticks, pompoms, and paper plates.

✔️ Grab those 5 supplies (if you don't already have them) and you are set for an entire month of engaging quiet time play.

✔️ Plus, each activity only takes 0-2 minutes to set up. Easy peasy!