Connecting Activities


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Connecting Activities is an eBook that provides special, collaborative activities for parents and children to enjoy together.

Connecting Activities contains:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Outside Play
  • Games
  • and Storybook Games

to connect you to your child and build a bond that lasts a lifetime.



Do you remember why you became a Mama?

Many (many) moons ago, before I became a Mama, I had a vision of what it would look like - what it would feel like. Snuggles in front of movies, nature walks holding hands in the forest, sunny days on the beach. Pure bliss.

I am now 17 years into this Mama gig and some of those beautiful visions have faded as the harder realities of Motherhood have set in. The arguments over which movie to watch, frenzies in the forest at the mere sight of a bee, and meltdowns at the beach due to snacks falling in the sand. Not so much bliss.

Sometimes it takes a little effort to ensure those beautiful and blissful reasons I became a Mama stay at the forefront of my mind. I found the most amazing way to do just that.

I have seen such a radical change in my own thinking and my time with my children. I have ALSO seen a radical change in my children themselves! They are more thoughtful, more settled, and truthfully ... simply happier.

The idea itself is amazingly simple. I started spending one on one time, completely devoted time, every single day with each of my children. Usually, it is for about 20-30 minutes.

You will not believe the difference this time makes!

So, what do we do during this time? This is where my eBook, Connecting Activities, comes in to save the day. I have found that for connecting activities to truly work, they have to be enjoyable for both the parents and the children. Trying to connect through gritted teeth as you play a game you despise for 20 minutes is not memory (or bond) building for either of you.

I have made connecting with your little one as easy as can be. Simply flip through this book, choose an idea that looks lovely to you and yours, and get started. These activities are all very low (to no) prep and so fun for both parents and children!

You will be laughing and smiling, creating your bond as strong as can be.

Children of all ages need quality time with those they love. Undivided attention and time to learn, play, and grow beside someone who loves them the most. Connecting activities allows you to easily provide exactly that.

In my household, we have seen Connecting Activities ...

  • decrease negative behaviours
  • increase our family bond and enjoyment of one another
  • leave us smiling at the end of the day remembering our special time together, not dwelling on the negative.

If you are a parent looking for more than simply another day at home with your kids, Connecting Activities will rekindle your fire for memory making and play - guaranteed!