Summer Camp at Home: Ages 2-6


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Our children deserve a whimsical and magical summer. This year more than any other.

And WE deserve an easy and relaxing summer this year more than ever! Which is why I am so excited to bring you Summer Camp at Home.

  • Enchanting days full of hands-on and playful learning
  • Everyday materials with almost no prep needed
  • Teacher created, checking all educational boxes to give our little ones an added leg up (things got a little crazy this year, after all!)

Here's what you can expect with Summer Camp at Home:

Each week, you will be completely immersing your child in that week's nature theme. From butterflies to constellations, your little one will be becoming an expert in all things nature.

As you tuck your little one into bed each night you will share a short, whimsical (and factual) story. The next day you will do a simple activity, solidifying that learning.

Creating these magical, learning-filled days are as easy to establish as you could imagine!


Themes included:

Get all 6 weeks now and go through them at YOUR own pace.

  • Week 1: Butterflies
  • Week 2: Bumblebees
  • Week 3: Stars & Constellations
  • Week 4: Flowers
  • Week 5: Frogs
  • Week 6: Birds

    It is time for enchanting days full of hands-on and playful learning.


    Also Available: Summer Camp at Home for Ages 6-12!