20 Deep Learning Activities Found in Everyday Life


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Whether you homeschool already, you are considering homeschooling, you might think about it down the road, or even if you are not considering homeschooling but have little ones, this is a wonderful resource for you.

This ebook is all about every day learning activities. I am talking about activities found naturally within a day that are completely FULL of learning. They emerge entirely on their own, we just need to slow down to see them.

Let’s look at something as simple as making a grocery list.

This is of course full of literacy learning. It can also be full of sorting (by aisle/department or by food group). We can also introduce the idea of price rounding so we can get an approximate running total of our groceries. We can set a budget that we need to stick to, working on some big math concepts. We can add in some flyers or coupons, developing both literacy and numeracy at once.

I mean, once you stop to really think about a task, you can see SO MANY opportunities for learning!