Early Learning S.O.S. Bundle


You have amazing activities for your kids...


How can you get them to actually DO the activities? Why can't they focus? And why are they suddenly mixing up and reversing their letters?!

Don't you wish kids came with an instruction manual? 😅

I receive countless emails from parents and teachers asking the same questions:

  • My little one can't concentrate on anything for more than 30 seconds. What do I do?
  • Why is my child suddenly forgetting and mixing up their letters and numbers?
  • I know how important it is to read to my children... but how can I get them to sit and listen?
  • ​How can I get my child to actually DO the activities!?

Stop wondering and searching. I have the solution for you!

The Early Learning S.O.S. Bundle is everything I wish I knew when I first started teaching in the Kindergarten classroom. And now, I use these solutions as I homeschool my own children.

We'll start with solutions for The Big Three questions I get asked Every. Single. Day.

  1. What if my child doesn't want to do the activities?
  2. How can I help my child focus and concentrate better?
  3. My child won't listen while I read aloud. What do I do?

Then we'll dive into your literacy, numeracy, and motor skill questions.

  • Wondering why your child struggles with rhyming?
  • Or why your child has trouble counting one thing at a time?
  • Or maybe your child's hand gets tired after writing for only a short time?

Get teacher-approved solutions for all of these problems and more.

This bundle also includes a 1:1 Email Consult with Sarah—Early Years Teacher, Reading Specialist, and Homeschooling Mama!

Redeem right away, or save your 1:1 for a tricky problem you need some extra help to solve.


Remember that instruction manual we wish kids came with?

The Early Learning S.O.S. Bundle is the next best thing!