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Grade Three Literacy & Math Curriculum Bundle PRE-ORDER

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One hour a day is all it takes for a rock-solid foundation!

Grade Three Literacy makes reading natural and easy.

Every week, your child reads a whimsical story following Declan and his friends in their adventures, and practices reading comprehension, writing, journaling, and more.

The Grade Three Literacy Curriculum covers the following core skills:

  • Reading: Reading development continues as we add in a variety of literacy, graphic and informational texts, increase the range of strategies used to construct meaning, aim for understanding a variety of stylistic elements used in texts, and increased reading fluency.
  • Writing: Writing will continue to be developed through generating and organizing ideas and information, drafting and revising work with a focus on editing, proofreading to correct errors, and presenting work confidently.
  • Media Literacy: Media texts will be looked at and created as we aim to understand what media texts are and how they impact us.
  • And more! With a quality-over-quantity approach and a focus on engaging young learners, Grade Three Literacy is full of learning and fun.

Grade Three Math takes you on a magical storybook adventure.

Written as a storybook, Grade Three Math is engaging, meaningful, and fun. Join Declan, his family, and their animals as they explore the five math strands.

The Grade Three Math Curriculum covers the following core skills:

  • Algebra: Identify, extend, and create patterns, as well as demonstrate an understanding of expressions, equalities, and inequalities. Coding concepts are introduced.
  • Financial Literacy: Demonstrate an understanding of the value and use of currency by determining the amount of change that would be required in a variety of situations.
  • Spatial Sense: Compare and estimate measurements as well as study geometric properties and spatial relationships in order to navigate the world around them.
  • Data: Analyse data to make informed decisions and determine the likelihood that events will happen.
  • Numbers: demonstrate an understanding of numbers up to 1000 and describe various ways they are used in everyday life. Compare, order, build, and decompose numbers up to 1000 and learn about fractions and rounding.

The Grade Three Literacy & Math Curriculum is for children who:

  • can read simple readers fluently
  • recognize the first 100 sight words
  • can confidently count to 100

Not quite there yet? Check out the Grade Two Literacy & Math Curriculum, which is perfect for children who can read three letter words (such as 'cat'), are beginning to recognize some sight words, understand concretely how to make 10 (such as '1 and 9', '2 and 8,' etc.), and can count to 25 or higher.

NOTE: Grade Three Literacy & Math Curriculum Pre-Orders are expected to be delivered early January 2024.