Handwriting & Word Families Workbook


Your go-to resource for teaching the alphabet and introducing reading skills!

In the workbook, you will receive:

  • An introduction that teaches you how to use the workbook and the best way to introduce the letters to your little one
  • 26 letter handwriting pages to practice uppercase and lowercase letter formation
  • 12 word handwriting pages to practice spelling, sounding out, and rhyming words in the word families
  • 6 pages with the letter groups and the word families that can be formed using those letters
  • 6 blank handwriting pages for your little one to practice on their own!



When it comes to teaching little ones the alphabet, it can often feel like opening a can of worms.

How should you introduce the letters? When should you introduce the sounds? Is there any special order to teach the alphabet?

Well, my friend, you've come to the right place! As an experienced teacher with her Reading Specialist qualifications, I'm here to help.

In the Handwriting and Word Families workbook, I will show you exactly how—and in what order—to introduce the alphabet to your little one.

Psst! Do you know the special order to introduce the letters?

Hint: You don't start with ABC!

The alphabet is broken down into 6 distinct groups. These groups are much more manageable for children to learn!

The first group is s, a, t, i, p, and n. After little ones learn these letters, they can already build words using the word families in that grouping!

Sat, pat, tin, pin... reading flows naturally when you use this approach!