Halloween School


Imagine waking up each day this week and jumping right into the spirit of Halloween, making special memories, and having so much fun with your children, while still learning all day long.

THAT is Halloween School.

Halloween School includes:

  • 5 literacy activities
  • 5 math activities, and
  • 5 hands-on learning activities.

The activities have modifications making them appropriate for children from Grade One to Grade Eight—even Kindergarteners will love it!

The hands-on activities in Halloween School this year are AMAZING! You'll enjoy:

  • A haunted house craft that will look extra spooky taped to a window when you're done.
  • A printable balancing bat made out of paper that will balance on the tip of your finger by his nose. Like Halloween magic!
  • A perfect pumpkin pointillism project—say that three times fast!
  • A witches brew where you'll combine slime, magic lake water, bone dust, and the secret ingredient to create a magical potion
  • And last but not least, a beautiful tealight ghost project.

 I can't wait for you to join us in Halloween School!