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Halloween School


Imagine waking up each day this month and jumping right into the spirit of Halloween, making special memories, and having so much fun with your children, while still learning all day long. That is Halloween School.

In Halloween School, you will make a balancing bat that balances on the tip of your finger by his nose, combine ingredients to make a magical witch's brew, enjoy a spooky spider race, and so much more!

In Halloween School, you will explore these 10 topics:

Topic 1: Pumpkins
Topic 2: Jack-O'-Lanterns
Topic 3: Skeletons
Topic 4: Dressing Up
Topic 5: Bats
Topic 6: Magic Potions
Topic 7: Spiders
Topic 8: Spider Webs
Topic 9: Trick-or-Treating
Topic 10: Black Cats


Number of Pages (Coursebook): 28
Number of Pages (Printables): 25
Recommended Ages: 4 to 12 Years
Program Length: 2 to 4 Weeks

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With beautiful activities designed for 4 to 12-year-olds, the whole family has fun learning together.

Each of our Family Unit Studies explores ten topics through integrated learning.

We start each topic by igniting curiosity...

Interesting Fact
to Spark Curiosity
A great deal of learning will happen all on its own when children are interested in what they are learning about.
Discussion Question
to Start a Dialogue
Allow yourself to go wherever the conversation goes! Children can learn so much from having discussions and conversations.
Curated YouTube Video
with Experts in the Field
Carefully curated YouTube videos allow your child to visually immerse themselves in the unit's topic.
Book Suggestion
for a Literacy-Rich Environment
Read together or encourage independent exploration with these library book suggestions that naturally ignite learning.

...then engage and expand with hands-on learning.

Hands-On Activity
for Deep Learning
Engaging activities target specific skills, such as science, art, social studies, geography, cooperation, critical thinking, early engineering, and creativity.
What's Happening
to Extend Learning
Learn more about the science behind the hands-on activity with this helpful information.
Math or Literacy Enrichment
for an Extra Challenge
Each topic includes a word-based math problem or a literacy activity modified to three levels so they are fitting for the whole family.
Tips & Printables
for Easy, Beautiful Learning
Each Family Unit Study includes an introduction with tips, as well as printables to beautify and extend learning.
Family Unit Study: The Human Body
Family Unit Study: Seeds and Plants

Reignite a love of learning in your homeschool.

Over 25 engagings family unit studies and growing!

I’ve bought a few of your unit studies and love the way you’ve compiled things and the ways you provide options for learning extensions. I run a licensed family daycare and feel like I’m able to add an extra level of quality and engagement to what I offer to families, thanks to your inspiration.

Stacey B.

Just wanted to share with you how much fun we’re having with the human body unit study. My 5 yo was able to correct his buddy from down the street about what your rib cage is and what organ it protects and what its function is!! My 13 yo is my teaching assistant this year and she’s even enjoying them! Although, don’t tell her that - she’s too cool for this little kid stuff 🙄😁😂 (The Human Body)

Tanya K.

Your unit gets to the point and is in a language kids will actually connect with! AND it’s not full of write a paragraph, write, write, write and more writing! (Reptiles)

Whitney D.

I am currently using this for our homeschool unit on dinosaurs. It involves little to no preparation, which is a plus with a toddler around. It is very engaging and hands on which I love, and it keeps my five year old engaged with room to grow into should we pull it out in future years. He looks forward to this daily. (Dinosaurs)

Jessica C.

I used this resource when I home schooled my nephews. They both loved all the things that we learned about dinosaurs! It had so many great learning activities that were hands on and engaging. (Dinosaurs)

Delila B.

My students love rocks and they loved this resource. I have these Geodes that were just waiting to be broken and this allowed us to learn about them while we broke them. The kids had awesome day. (Rocks & Gems)

Jennifer Y.

As a homeschool mom I have used many of the resources from How Wee Learn. I find them to be fun and engaging, so try well thought out information and activities. I can see us using these for years to come! (Exploring Rainforests)

Jessica C.

Great family study unit! I appreciate having ideas and resources all in one place with a plan to follow. Well done! Thank you. (The Solar System)

Super engaging resource! (Weather)

Roisin S.

Lovely resource and very engaging for my family to use. Thank you! (Exploring Rainforests)

My sons really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs using this unit. Thank you! (Dinosaurs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your Family Unit Studies secular?

Yes! This Family Unit Study and all the resources on How Wee Learn are secular.

What ages are these Family Unit Studies geared toward?

Family Unit Studies are perfect for children aged 4-12 years old. The hands-on activities and extension questions have been designed to accomodate children of different ages learning together.

How long does it take to complete a Family Unit Study?

Each Family Unit Study is divided into 10 topics, with each topic taking approximately 1 hour to complete.

What subjects are covered?

Each Family Unit Study covers a wide variety of subjects, including: art, science, social studies, geography, history, and so much more!

What about math and literacy core skills?

I encourage you to add in core skills when using unit studies. A solid foundation in literacy and numeracy will benefit your child immensely. About 30 minutes a day spent on reading, writing, and math (30 minutes total) complements these unit studies perfectly. Of course, this is optional and depends on your personal view of education.

With my own children, we cover our math and literacy core skills in the morning then dive into a Family Unit Study in the afternoon. I offer Math and Literacy Grade School Curriculum that perfectly complement the Family Unit Studies

Can I order a printed and shipped copy?

In order to keep costs as low as possible, we are only offering our Family Unit Study Bundles printed and shipped at this time. Please have a peek at the bundles, as it is quite likely this particular Family Unit Study is included in a bundle, and therefore available printed and shipped.

Can I see a sample?

Absolutely! There is a sample linked at the top of this page directly under the unit study description.

Have another question? I'm here to help! Start a conversation using the chat button or send an email to I can't wait to hear from you!