Connect, Play, & Learn eBook Bundle

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Get all of my ebooks in this Connect, Play, & Learn Bundle!

Play into Letters and Sounds

Sarah guides you and your child through the seven areas of phonological awareness with playful games and quiet bin activities designed to give your child a strong foundation in reading readiness.

Play into Numbers and Math

Play into Math Readiness guides parents and teachers through the 6 areas of Math development using play-based activities and games.Β 

Connecting Activities

Connecting Activities is an eBook that provides special, collaborative activities for parents and children to enjoy together.

A Year of Educational Quiet Bins

Discover the magic of peaceful days at home with kids. Discover the magic of Quiet Bins.

Dollarstore Quiet Bins

These 30 brilliant Quiet Bins are developed by a Teacher and all made with only 9 dollarstore items.

Clever's New Trick

This social story is ideal for helping young children learn to stop and think before dealing with problems.