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Grade Two Literacy & Math Curriculum


One page a day is all it takes to build a rock-solid foundation! It's about quality over quantity.

Each week in Grade Two Literacy, your child reads a whimsical story following Boris and his barnyard friends in their adventures and practices reading comprehension, writing, journaling, and more. By using carefully planned sight words, reading becomes natural, easy, and magical.

Written as a storybook, Grade Two Math is engaging, meaningful, and fun. Join Harper, her family, and their animals as they explore all five of the math strands.

Grade Two Math & Literacy is for children who:

  • can read three letter words (such as 'cat') fluently and with ease
  • recognize multiple sight words (such as 'the' or 'and')
  • understand concretely how to make 10 (such as '1 and 9,' '2 and 8,' etc.)
  • can count to 25 or higher

    Grade Two Math covers the following core skills:

    • Algebra: Identify and describe patterns, create and translate patterns including letters, pictures, and numbers.
    • Financial Literacy: Add and subtract various combinations of coins and bills.
    • Spatial Sense: Compare 2D and 3D shapes by side length, angle, and other attributes. Construct and deconstruct 3D shapes and identify the 2D objects found within them. Make 2D and 3D shapes that have matching halves.
    • Data: Sort sets of data about people or things by two attributes and describe the rules used for sorting. Collect data through various methods that focus on two pieces of information and record this information, organizing it into tally tables and Venn Diagrams.
    • Numbers: Read and represent whole numbers up to 200 and describe various ways they are used in everyday life. Compose (build) and decompose (break apart) numbers up to 200 using various techniques. Compare and order whole numbers up to 200.

    Grade Two Literacy covers the following core skills:

    • Reading: Reading development and comprehension using word families, sight words, phonemic awareness, and comprehension questions.
    • Writing: Writing development, spelling, making connections and predictions, personal accounts, parts of speech, and types of sentences using extension questions and journal prompts.
    • Media Literacy: Building an awareness of the advertising world and how items are marketed to persuade people to take action.
    • And More! We introduce Reader's Theatre, crosswords and word searches, poetry, procedural writing, descriptive writing, and a culminating final activity of retelling the curriculum's story.


    Number of Pages (Coursebook): 470
    Number of Pages (Printables): 0
    Recommended Ages: 7 to 8 Years
    Program Length: 36 Weeks

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    I’ve bought a few of your unit studies and love the way you’ve compiled things and the ways you provide options for learning extensions. I run a licensed family daycare and feel like I’m able to add an extra level of quality and engagement to what I offer to families, thanks to your inspiration.

    Stacey B.

    Just wanted to share with you how much fun we’re having with the human body unit study. My 5 yo was able to correct his buddy from down the street about what your rib cage is and what organ it protects and what its function is!! My 13 yo is my teaching assistant this year and she’s even enjoying them! Although, don’t tell her that - she’s too cool for this little kid stuff 🙄😁😂 (The Human Body)

    Tanya K.

    Your unit gets to the point and is in a language kids will actually connect with! AND it’s not full of write a paragraph, write, write, write and more writing! (Reptiles)

    Whitney D.

    I am currently using this for our homeschool unit on dinosaurs. It involves little to no preparation, which is a plus with a toddler around. It is very engaging and hands on which I love, and it keeps my five year old engaged with room to grow into should we pull it out in future years. He looks forward to this daily. (Dinosaurs)

    Jessica C.

    I used this resource when I home schooled my nephews. They both loved all the things that we learned about dinosaurs! It had so many great learning activities that were hands on and engaging. (Dinosaurs)

    Delila B.

    My students love rocks and they loved this resource. I have these Geodes that were just waiting to be broken and this allowed us to learn about them while we broke them. The kids had awesome day. (Rocks & Gems)

    Jennifer Y.

    As a homeschool mom I have used many of the resources from How Wee Learn. I find them to be fun and engaging, so try well thought out information and activities. I can see us using these for years to come! (Exploring Rainforests)

    Jessica C.

    Great family study unit! I appreciate having ideas and resources all in one place with a plan to follow. Well done! Thank you. (The Solar System)

    Super engaging resource! (Weather)

    Roisin S.

    Lovely resource and very engaging for my family to use. Thank you! (Exploring Rainforests)

    My sons really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs using this unit. Thank you! (Dinosaurs)

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