Grade Two Math Curriculum


One page a day is all it takes for a rock-solid foundation in math!

Grade Two Math takes you on a magical storybook adventure.

Written as a storybook, Grade Two Math is engaging, meaningful, and fun. Join Harper, her family, and their animals as they explore all five of the math strands.

The Grade Two Math Curriculum covers the following core skills:

  • Algebra: Identify and describe patterns, create and translate patterns including letters, pictures, and numbers.
  • Financial Literacy: Add and subtract various combinations of coins and bills.
  • Spatial Sense: Compare 2D and 3D shapes by side length, angle, and other attributes. Construct and deconstruct 3D shapes and identify the 2D objects found within them. Make 2D and 3D shapes that have matching halves.
  • Data: Sort sets of data about people or things by two attributes and describe the rules used for sorting. Collect data through various methods that focus on two pieces of information and record this information, organizing it into tally tables and Venn Diagrams.
  • Numbers: Read and represent whole numbers up to 200 and describe various ways they are used in everyday life. Compose (build) and decompose (break apart) numbers up to 200 using various techniques. Compare and order whole numbers up to 200.

It's All About Quality Over Quantity

Skip the struggles and spend your days doing what brings you joy, knowing you have your core math skills covered in one page a day.

Grade Two Math is for children who:

  • understand concretely how to make 10 (such as '1 and 9,' '2 and 8,' etc.)
  • can count to 25 or higher

Not quite there yet? Check out the Grade One Math Curriculum, which is perfect for children who know their numbers up to 10 and understand what the numbers up to 10 represent.